Recent Academic Publications & Writing

bullet_imagePhelps, A. & Consalvo, M. (2019) "Laboring Artists: Art Streaming on the Videogame Platform Twitch" In process.

bullet_imagePhelps, A. & Consalvo, M. (2019) "Development Streaming and Authenticity: Cultural Connections, Democracy and Potential Platforms of Engagement" Media in Transition 10. Boston, MA.

bullet_imagePhelps, A., Egert, C. & Consalvo, M. (2019) "Hack, Slash & Backstab: A Post-Mortem of University Game Development at Scale" International Journal of Designs for Learning. Special Issue (April/July, forthcoming).

bullet_imageConsalvo, M., & Phelps, A. (2019). Performing Game Development Live on Twitch. Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, Maui, HI. p. 2438-2447. Retrived online:

bullet_imagePhelps, A., Consalvo, M., and Egerct, C. Development Streamming as a Pedagogical and Community Strategy for Games Education. Presented at the Workshop on New Research Perspectives on Game Design & Development Education. CHI PLAY 2018, October 28, 2018, Melbourne, Australia.

bullet_imageDecker, A., Egert. C, and Phelps, A. "Learning to Create or Creating to Learn" International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play, October 11, 2018, East Lansing, Michigan. ETC Press (proceedings in press)

bullet_imagePhelps, A., C. Egert and A. Decker. (2018) "Splattershmup: A Game of Art & Motion". Learning in Games Book 3. Ed. K. Schrier. ETC Press, Carnegie Mellon University. (in press, forthcoming)

bullet_imageDecker, A. C. Egert, A. Phelps, “Trial by a Many-Colored Flame: A Multi-disciplinary, Community-Centric Approach to Digital Media and Computing Education”, in New Directions for Computing Education (S. Fee, et al, ed.), pp. 237-257. Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland. 2017.

bullet_imageDecker, A., Phelps, A. and Egert. C.A. (2017) “Disappearing Happy Little Sheep” EdTech: Focus on K-12. 57:2, pp. 50-54.

bullet_imageVullo, R., Phelps, A. and Catalfamo, M. (2016) “DIY VR: The Development of an Inexpensive Headset for Makers” Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet Computing and Internet of Things | ICOMP'16 , pp. 140-44.

bullet_imageDecker, A., Egert, C.A., and Phelps, A. (2016) “Splat! er, Shmup? A Postmortem on a Capstone Production Experience”, Proceedings of the 2016 Frontiers in Education Conference, Erie, PA, 9 pages.

bullet_imageEgert, C. and Phelps, A., “Motivating Science Education through Games”, in Learning to Play: Exploring the Future of Education through Video Games (M. Khine, ed.), 53, pp. 129-151, Peter Lang, New York, New York, 2011

A more complete listing of writing, publications, articles and periodicles is available in Professor Phelps' vitae and associated materials. Many of his papers and articles are reproduced in the ACM Digital Library and/or various conference sites and repositories such as the GDC Vault and the Adobe Education Exchange.

Recent Presentations & Talks

G4C2019 presentation thumbnail

These are the slides from a panel presentation at the Games 4 Change Festival in New York City. [Powerpoint PPTX 2.8MB] June 2019.

AU GameLab AnteConf thumbnail

These are the slides from a presentation at the Gotland Game Conference Education Summit in Visby, Sweden. [Powerpoint PPTX 8.9MB] June 2019.

AU GameLab AnteConf thumbnail

These are the slides from a presentation at the Games + Communication ICA 2019 Ante Conference at the AU Game Lab. [Powerpoint PPTX 3.1MB] May 2019.

MIT10 thumbnail

These are the slides from a presentation at the Media in Transition 10 conference at the Comparative Media Studies program and MIT Media Lab. [Powerpoint PPTX 3.1MB] May 2019.

Latvia Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from a presentation to the American University School of Communication and AU Game Lab. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 9.8MB] April 2019.

Latvia Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from the keynote presentation at ETECH2019 in Riga, Latvia. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 6.1MB] April 2019.

Tampere Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from a presentation at the 15th Annual Tampere University Games Research Lab Seminar. This presentation is a precursor to a paper that is a close reading and analysis of Night in the Woods. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 7.0MB] April 2019.

MTJG Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from a presentation at the More Than Just A Games V conference held at the Queen Mary's University of London Centre for Commercial Law. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 11.1MB] April 2019.

GDC Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from my portion of a panel on "The Game of Grading: A Discussion of Grading and Assessment in Higher Ed Games Programs" held as part of the Education Summit at GDC2019. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 6.2MB] March 2019.

GDC Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from my portion of a panel on "How To Talk About Video Games, Today" (i.e. professional advocacy) at the Game Developer's Conference 2019. You can find more information on the panel, panelsists, and supplementary materieals here. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 6.1MB] March 2019.

AU Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from a faculty seminar talk at the American University GameLab, sponsored by the School of Communications in Spring of 2019. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 280MB (contains video)] March 2019.

TAMU Presentation Slide Thumbnail

These are the slides from a presentation at the Texas A&M Department of Visualization. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 371MB (contains video)] January 2019.

HICSS Presentation Slide

These are the slides from a paper presentation at the Hawaiian International Conference on Systems Science (HICSS). [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 3.1MB] January 2019.

NCA Presentation Slide

These are the slides from a workshop presentation at the University of Utah at the EAE Lecture Series. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 12.1MB] November 2018.

Utah Presentation Slide

These are the slides from a workshop presentation at the University of Utah as a part of NCA 108 Game Studies Division. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 2.6MB] November 2018.

CHIPLAY Presentation Slide

These are the slides from a workshop presentation at RMIT in Melbourne as a part of CHIPLAY 2018 (Workshop on research futures for game design & development education). [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 6.5MB] October 2018.

Irvine Presentation Slide

These are the slides from a talk at the University of California at Irvine as a part of the lecture series at the Bern School of Informatics. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 13.1MB] October 2018.

IGIC Keynote Presentation Slide

These are the slides from a talk at Adobe MAX 2018 on game development work and using XD as a UI/UX prototyping tool and ways that could be extended with a research partnership with Adobe (an ongoing effort and collaboration). [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 11.4MB] October 2018.

IGIC Keynote Presentation Slide

These are the slides from the annual Spinner Lectureship and grand rounds presentation, at the University of Rochester. Entitled "An Overview of Games & Youth Culture" this talk was presented to practicing medical staff, residents, and students at the Strong Memorial Hospital and UR Medical Center as the year-end talk. The Spinner Lectureship is an annual talk focusing on pediatrics and health in relation to the arts, in recognition of the late Dr. Elissa Spinner. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 12.3MB] May 2018.

IGIC Keynote Presentation Slide

These are the slides from the keynote address at the International Conference on Game Jams and Hackathons, San Francisco. The address focused on the power of the maker community and hacker culture in the face of over-politicized, corporate, and regimented approaches to media development. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 7.4MB] March 2018.

MAGIC 5th Birthday Slide

This was the presentation given at the MAGIC Center / MAGIC Spell Studios 5th year anniversary celebration. It was in part a retrospective of all the accomplishments of the first 5 years, and in part setting the stage to the campus for opening the new facility in the coming year. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 9.3MB] February 2018.

GDC Presentation Slide

These are the slides to a panel presentation at the 2017 Game Developer's Conference entitled "Beyond the BA: Navigating Status as a Department, Center or Program While Working with Industry Partners". Pehlps was joined on the panel by Dr. Roger Altizer, Dr. Jim Whitehead, and Dr. Mia Consalvo. It was the highest rated session in the GDC Education Summit that year. The entire session is available as video in the GDC Vault. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 11.0MB] March 2017.

Liberty Hill Presentation Slide

These are the slides from a presentation on MAGIC at Liberty Hill which is the RIT president's residence. The talk series features campus leaders every month describing their efforts and RIT initiatives to members of the board of trustees, community leaders, local politicians, and faculty and staff from other units across the university. This talk featured substantial discussion on the role of STEM/STEAM education, futuring in the face of automation, and engaging students in entrepreneurial efforts. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 9.1MB] December 2017.

Adobe AEL Edu Day Presentation

This is a presentation given at the Adobe Education Leaders Education Day at the Adobe MAX 2017 conference, entitled "An Experiential Approach to Digital Media Education". It covered some thoughts on what Phelps was building at MAGIC and why, how it fit with national trends in education, and challenges to the role of education and the arts in today's landscape. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 20.8MB] October 2017.

Creativity & Innovation Slide

These are the slides from an in-service talk at the MAGIC Center for Butler/Till, a global creative agency. The workshop focused on the creative process, leadership, management, and various ways to incentivize and encourage creative risk and innovation in a corporate culture. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 10.9MB] Fall 2016.

Creativity & Innovation Slide

These are the slides from the Hack, Slash & Backstab Post Mortem Talk. More information, artwork, videos and information on HSB is available in the gallery. The presentation is also available on video via YouTube. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 35.7MB] Fall 2016.

Creativity & Innovation Slide

These are the slides from the Splattershmup Post Mortem Talk. More information, artwork, videos and information on Splattershmup is available in the gallery. [MS Powerpoint PPTX - 24.5MB] Fall 2016.

Personal Writing & Reflection

In addition to formal peer-reviewed venues of various types and flavors, Professor Phelps also writes significant works of his own on Medium. A few of his more recent and impactful pieces are listed here:

bullet_imageHOW I FAILED SABBATICAL AND REGAINED SOME LITTLE BITS OF ME: THOUGHTS, REFLECTIONS, & NOTES FROM #sabbatical1819 A story in 10 slices - A long form essay describing the sabbatical I had in AY2018-2019, leaving the MAGIC Center and RIT, reconnecting with artistic practice and work as a teacher-scholar, travel, and more.

bullet_imageAN EXTENDED ARTIST'S STATEMENT FOR FRAGILE EQUILIBRIUM - A description of the role and purpose of the Fragile Equilibrium game, which is featured in the gallery.

bullet_imageA FEW BRIEF THOUGHTS ON ESPORTS AND UNIVERSITIES - This piece describes what I'm seeing as trends in the way universities are approaching eSports (with a few good notable exceptions)...

bullet_imageTHE ASPIRATIONS OF OUR ART AND THE REALISM OF OUR CLAY - This piece is a response piece to a talk from Games 4 Change 2018 (or the 15th conference) touching on themes of art, policites, games as agents of change, and more...

bullet_imageA STORY OF SPELL STUDIOS - This piece is an overview of the background motivations, thoughts, and strategies to the formation and operations of MAGIC Spell Studios at RIT. Why embed a commercial entity in an academic campus? This is why...

bullet_imageOF ART AND CIRCUMSTANCE - This piece is a personal reflection on why Professor Phelps chose to move his tenure from computing to art & design in 2018, and discusses a little bit about how games straddle this intersection within higher education...

bullet_imageOF FAKE GUNS AND REAL HOPE - This is a public essay/rebuttal in response to (a) the terrible tragedy at Douglas High School coupled with (b) the comments by President Trump in the wake of that event targeting video games and violence...

bullet_imageWE CAN AND MUST DO BETTER - This is a public essay on the subject of game violence and narrative complexity. This was cited in-audence in further discussion at the Foundation of Digital Games conference in 2017 in Boston, MA.

bullet_imageGAME DEVELOPMENT STUDIES - SWEET SIXTEEN - This is a piece inspired by Ian Bogost's piece on Game Studies, Year 15, but taking a look instead at game design and development programs, broadly defined: how they have emerged, grown, scaled, and morphed, and where they might be headed...

bullet_imageA FEW THOUGHTS ON GAMERGATE - This essay is a response to GamerGate, in all its idiocy, hate, and vitriol, from the viewpoint of an academic in higher education at a technical university. It argues the need for more liberal arts focus within technical majors, and the value of general education in the utopia we sometimes imagine the internet to be...

Administrative Writing & Whitepapers

In addition to formal academic publicaiton, Professor Phelps has an extensive history authoring academic whitepapers, policy drafts, proposals, and similar documentation (as well as curriculum proposals and documentation as documented in the teaching & learning area of this site). While such work is generally published for internal audiences, a collection of such is available here that may be useful to other universities and programs, and to illustrate the kind of writing and documentation that Phelps has been heavily engaged with for several years.

IGM Tenure & Promotion Processes thumbnail

This is a whitepaper on proposed metrics for tenure and promotion as they relate to games and media faculty. There is significant consternation around this topic in higher education in almost every program, and this has been widely cited and used not just at RIT, but in other programs as well. [PDF - 460K] 2009 / 2012.

IGM Tenure & Promotion Guideliens thumbnail

These are the official guidelines for promotion and tenure for the RIT School of Interactive Games & Media. These were authored by the senior faculty of the department, and Phelps led this process and created the initial drafts along with much of the final language. These were eventually approved and singed by the university president, and accepted as policy by the provost. Since then they have served as a model for several other universities and programs of a similar nature, and also form the basis for a broader set of guidelines within the RIT B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences which contains departments focused on several disparate fields as they relate to computing generally. [PDF - 1.2M] 2013.

IGM Future Vision Thumbnail IGM Future Vision Thumbnail

This is an example of a future vision document for the RIT School of Interactive Games & Media. It is also available as an executive summary. During his tenure as Chair/Director of the Department/School, Phelps prepared these every few years for senior leadership to keep them abreast and informed of issues facing the school, the field, and the landscape. This one, entitled "IGM 2010-2025: A Future Vision fo the Department of Interactive Games & Media" was authored in 2010, and projects forward over the next several years. Given it's timeline, it is interesting now to see what has and has not occured since. Of particular emphasis is the discussion of culture and growth as they pertain to program identity. [PDF - 228K] 2010.

IGM Tenure & Promotion Guideliens thumbnail

This is the proposal for the School of Interactive Games & Media, minus any associated financial and human resources data. This was authored collaboratively by Phelps and the group of multi-disciplinary faculty that he led in founding the department in 2009, which later became a school in 2011. It was presented (by Phelps) at the departmental retreat of the Information Technology department in spring of 2008, followed by presentations to the Dean, the Provost, and other associated personnel. [PDF - 533K] 2008.

IGM Tenure & Promotion Guideliens thumbnail

This paper is an outline of how IGM research in games and media is of value and benefit to the larger college of computing. It was written expressly for the dean, and prepared by Phelps on behalf of the school. The question of how the new department would integrate with the existing college and culture of computing was of significant import, and this document helped lay that groundwork, as well as the future of minors, electives, and collaborative and multi-disciplinary research around digital media. There are seeds here in what would one day grow into the MAGIC Center. It is presented here as a slightly different form of administrative writing and communication than the policy and proposal work above. [PDF - 247K] 2008.

IGM Tenure & Promotion Guideliens thumbnail

This paper is a whitepaper on best practices for game and media lab design. It was written in collaboration with Microsoft and published extensively by Microsoft Research when XNA was an active product/program. While obviously dated, it is an example of the kind of writing and discourse that more technical facilities construction and design requires - communication between the underlying work with architects, designers, and facilities personnel in collaboration with educators, administrators, lab technicians, and ultimately students and faculty. Co-Authors C. Egert and G. Weber. [PDF - 633K] 2008.

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